function drupal_set_message

7.x drupal_set_message($message = NULL, $type = 'status', $repeat = TRUE)
6.x drupal_set_message($message = NULL, $type = 'status', $repeat = TRUE)

Set a message which reflects the status of the performed operation.

If the function is called with no arguments, this function returns all set messages without clearing them.


$message: The message should begin with a capital letter and always ends with a period '.'.

$type: The type of the message. One of the following values are possible:

  • 'status'
  • 'warning'
  • 'error'

$repeat: If this is FALSE and the message is already set, then the message won't be repeated.

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drupal-6.x/includes/, line 991
Functions that need to be loaded on every Drupal request.


function drupal_set_message($message = NULL, $type = 'status', $repeat = TRUE) {
  if ($message) {
    if (!isset($_SESSION['messages'])) {
      $_SESSION['messages'] = array();

    if (!isset($_SESSION['messages'][$type])) {
      $_SESSION['messages'][$type] = array();

    if ($repeat || !in_array($message, $_SESSION['messages'][$type])) {
      $_SESSION['messages'][$type][] = $message;

  // messages not set when DB connection fails
  return isset($_SESSION['messages']) ? $_SESSION['messages'] : NULL;