Analysis Module API

  1. 2.x tripal_analysis/api/ tripal_analysis_api
  2. 1.x tripal_analysis/api/ tripal_analysis_api

Provides an interface for specialized analysis modules to extend the basic functionality.

Parent topics


tripal_analysis/api/, line 9
Provides functions for managing analysis'.


Namesort ascending Location Description
tripal_unregister_analysis_child tripal_analysis/api/ Un-register a tripal analysis sub-module
tripal_register_analysis_child tripal_analysis/api/ Register tripal_analysis_api sub-modules
tripal_get_analysis_select_options tripal_analysis/api/ Returns a list of analyses that are currently synced with Drupal to use in select lists
tripal_get_analysis tripal_analysis/api/ Retrieves an chado analysis variable