Tripal Bulk Loader Module API

  1. 2.x tripal_bulk_loader/api/ tripal_bulk_loader_api
  2. 1.x tripal_bulk_loader/api/ tripal_bulk_loader_api

All functions in this file provide an API to administrative management of bulk loader templates

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tripal_bulk_loader/api/, line 9
Provides functions for hooking into bulk loader functionality.


Name Locationsort descending Description
tripal_is_bulk_loader_record_name_unique tripal_bulk_loader/api/ Meant to be called from a form_validate function to ensure a newly added bulk loader record name is unique and not empty.
tripal_delete_bulk_loader_record tripal_bulk_loader/api/ An API function to delete a record from a template array
tripal_delete_bulk_loader_field tripal_bulk_loader/api/ An API function to delete a field from a template array