function tripal_contact_update_property

2.x tripal_contact_update_property($contact_id, $property, $value, $insert_if_missing = 0)
1.x tripal_contact_update_property($contact_id, $property, $value, $insert_if_missing = 0)

Update a given property


$contact_id: The contact_id of the property to update

$property: The cvterm name of the property to update

$value: The value of the property to update

$insert_if_missing: A boolean indicated whether to insert the record if it's absent

Note: The property will be identified using the unique combination of the $contact_id and $property and then it will be updated with the supplied value

Return value

True of success, False otherwise

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1 call to tripal_contact_update_property()


tripal_contact/api/, line 68
Provides an application programming interface (API) to manage libraries


function tripal_contact_update_property($contact_id, $property, $value, $insert_if_missing = 0) {
  return tripal_core_update_property('contact', $contact_id, $property, 'tripal_contact', $value, $insert_if_missing);