function chado_get_id_from_nid

2.x chado_get_id_from_nid($table, $nid, $linking_table = NULL)

Get chado id for a node. E.g, if you want to get 'analysis_id' from the 'analysis' table for a synced 'chado_analysis' node, (the same for organisms and features): $analysis_id = chado_get_id_from_nid ('analysis', $node->nid) $organism_id = chado_get_id_from_nid ('organism', $node->nid) $feature_id = chado_get_id_from_nid ('feature', $node->nid)


$table: The chado table the chado record is from

$nid: The value of the primary key of node

$linking_table: The Drupal table linking the chado record to it's node. This field is optional and defaults to chado_$table

Return value

The chado id of the associated chado record

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1 string reference to 'chado_get_id_from_nid'


tripal_core/api/, line 57
API to handle much of the common functionality implemented when creating a drupal node type.


function chado_get_id_from_nid($table, $nid, $linking_table = NULL) {
  if (empty($linking_table)) {
    $linking_table = 'chado_' . $table;

  $sql = "SELECT " . $table . "_id as id FROM {$linking_table} WHERE nid = :nid";
  return db_query($sql, array(':nid' => $nid))->fetchField();