function chado_retrieve_node_form_relationships

2.x chado_retrieve_node_form_relationships($node)

This function is used in a hook_insert, hook_update for a node form when the relationships form has been added to the form. It retrieves all of the relationships and returns them in an array of the format:

$relationships[<type_id>][<rank>] = array( 'subject_id' => <subject_id>, 'object_id' => <object_id>, );

This array can then be used for inserting or updating relationships manually



Return value

A relationship array

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This function is used in hook_insert or hook_update and handles inserting of relationships between the current nodetype and other memebers of the same nodetype
1 string reference to 'chado_retrieve_node_form_relationships'


tripal_core/api/, line 934
API to manage the chado _relationship table for various Tripal Node Types


function chado_retrieve_node_form_relationships($node) {
  $rels = array();

  if (isset($node->relationship_table)) {
    foreach ($node->relationship_table as $type_id => $elements) {
      if ($type_id != 'new' AND $type_id != 'details') {
        foreach ($elements as $rank => $relationships) {
          $rels[$type_id][$rank]['subject_id'] = $relationships['subject_id'];
          $rels[$type_id][$rank]['object_id'] = $relationships['object_id'];

  return $rels;