function chado_column_exists

2.x chado_column_exists($table, $column)

Check that any given column in a Chado table exists.

This function is necessary because Drupal's db_field_exists() will not look in any other schema but the one were Drupal is installed


$table: The name of the chado table.

$column: The name of the column in the chado table.

Return value

TRUE if the column exists for the table in the chado schema and FALSE if it does not.

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1 call to chado_column_exists()
tripal_core_upgrade_chado_1_2_to_1_3_pre_alter in tripal_core/includes/
Upgrade custom tables that may match the tables now in Chado v1.3.


tripal_core/api/, line 84


function chado_column_exists($table, $column) {
  global $databases;

  $default_db = $databases['default']['default']['database'];

  $sql = "
    SELECT 1
    FROM information_schema.columns
      table_name = :table_name AND
      column_name = :column_name AND
      table_schema = :chado AND
      table_catalog = :default_db
  $args = array(
    ':table_name' => $table,
    ':column_name' => $column,
    ':chado' => tripal_get_schema_name('chado'),
    ':default_db' => $default_db
  $results = db_query($sql, $args);
  $exists = $results->fetchField();
  if (!$exists) {
    return FALSE;
  return TRUE;