function chado_get_schema

2.x chado_get_schema($table)

Retrieves the chado tables Schema API array.

@returns A Drupal Schema API array defining the table.


$table: The name of the table to retrieve. The function will use the appopriate Tripal chado schema API hooks (e.g. v1.11 or v1.2).

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1 string reference to 'chado_get_schema'


tripal_core/api/, line 468


function chado_get_schema($table) {

  // first get the chado version that is installed
  $v = $GLOBALS["chado_version"];

  // get the table array from the proper chado schema
  $v = preg_replace("/\./", "_", $v); // reformat version for hook name

  // Call the module_invoke_all.
  $hook_name = "chado_schema_v" . $v . "_" . $table;
  $table_arr = module_invoke_all($hook_name);

  // If the module_invoke_all returned nothing then let's make sure there isn't
  // An API call we can call directly.  The only time this occurs is
  // during an upgrade of a major Drupal version and tripal_core is disabled.
  if ((!$table_arr or !is_array($table_arr)) and 
    function_exists('tripal_core_' . $hook_name)) {
    $api_hook = "tripal_core_" . $hook_name;
    $table_arr = $api_hook();

  // if the table_arr is empty then maybe this is a custom table
  if (!is_array($table_arr) or count($table_arr) == 0) {
    $table_arr = chado_get_custom_table_schema($table);

  return $table_arr;