function chado_is_installed

2.x chado_is_installed()

Check whether chado is installed (either in the same or a different database)

Return value

TRUE/FALSE depending upon whether chado is installed.

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2 calls to chado_is_installed()
tripal_core_is_chado_installed in tripal_core/api/
tripal_core_set_globals in tripal_core/tripal_core.module
This function is used to set the global Chado variables
1 string reference to 'chado_is_installed'


tripal_core/api/, line 272


function chado_is_installed() {
  global $databases;

  // first check if chado is in the $databases variable of the settings.php file
  if (array_key_exists(tripal_get_schema_name('chado'), $databases)) {
    return TRUE;

  // check to make sure the chado schema exists
  return chado_is_local();