Tripal Custom Tables API

  1. 2.x tripal_core/api/ tripal_custom_tables_api
  2. 1.x tripal_core/api/ tripal_custom_tables_api

Provides an API to manage custom tables in Chado.


tripal_core/api/, line 7
Provides an API to manage custom tables in Chado.


Namesort descending Location Description
chado_create_custom_table tripal_core/api/ Add a new table to the Chado schema. This function is simply a wrapper for the db_create_table() function of Drupal, but ensures the table is created inside the Chado schema rather than the Drupal schema. If the table already exists then it will be…
chado_delete_custom_table tripal_core/api/ Deletes the specified custom table
chado_edit_custom_table tripal_core/api/ Edits a custom table in the chado database. It supports using the Drupal Schema API array.
chado_get_custom_table_id tripal_core/api/ Retrieve the custom table id given the name
chado_get_custom_table_names tripal_core/api/ Retrieves the list of custom tables in this site.
chado_get_mview_table_names tripal_core/api/ Retrieves the list of materialized views in this site.
chado_validate_custom_table_schema tripal_core/api/ This function is used to validate a Drupal Schema API array prior to passing it ot the chado_create_custom_table_schema(). This function can be used in a form validate function or whenver a schema is provided by a user and needs validation.