function chado_get_mview_table_names

2.x chado_get_mview_table_names()

Retrieves the list of materialized views in this site.

@returns An associative array where the key and value pairs are the table names.

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1 call to chado_get_mview_table_names()
tripal_views_integrate_all_chado_tables in tripal_views/includes/
Integrate all chado tables in the schema api. This integration only occurs once and sets all Chado tables to a priority of 10


tripal_core/api/, line 312
Provides an application programming interface (API) to manage materialized views in Chado.


function chado_get_mview_table_names() {

  $sql = "SELECT name FROM {tripal_mviews}";
  $resource = db_query($sql);

  $tables = array();
  foreach ($resource as $r) {
    $tables[$r->name] = $r->name;

  return $tables;