function tripal_get_cv_select_options

2.x tripal_get_cv_select_options()

Create an options array to be used in a form element which provides a list of all chado cvs

Return value

An array(cv_id => name) for each cv in the chado cv table

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1 string reference to 'tripal_get_cv_select_options'


tripal_cv/api/, line 114
This module provides a set of functions to simplify working with controlled vocabularies.


function tripal_get_cv_select_options() {

  $results = chado_select_record('cv', array('cv_id', 'name'), array(), array('order_by' => array('name' => 'ASC')));

  $options = array();
  foreach ($results as $r) {
    $options[$r->cv_id] = $r->name;

  return $options;