function tripal_reverse_compliment_sequence

2.x tripal_reverse_compliment_sequence($sequence)

Performs a reverse compliment of a nucleotide sequence


$sequence: The nucelotide sequence

Return value

an upper-case reverse complemented sequence

Related topics

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1 string reference to 'tripal_reverse_compliment_sequence'


tripal_feature/api/, line 26
Provides an application programming interface (API) for working with features


function tripal_reverse_compliment_sequence($sequence) {

  $seq = strtoupper($sequence);
  $seq = strrev($seq);
  $seq = str_replace("A", "t", $seq);
  $seq = str_replace("T", "a", $seq);
  $seq = str_replace("G", "c", $seq);
  $seq = str_replace("C", "g", $seq);
  $seq = str_replace("Y", "r", $seq);
  $seq = str_replace("R", "y", $seq);
  $seq = str_replace("W", "w", $seq);
  $seq = str_replace("S", "s", $seq);
  $seq = str_replace("K", "m", $seq);
  $seq = str_replace("M", "k", $seq);
  $seq = str_replace("D", "h", $seq);
  $seq = str_replace("V", "b", $seq);
  $seq = str_replace("H", "d", $seq);
  $seq = str_replace("B", "v", $seq);
  return strtoupper($seq);