function tripal_is_lightest_priority_setup

2.x tripal_is_lightest_priority_setup($setup_id, $table_name)

Checks if you are dealing with the lightest priority setup for a given table. This is a good way to determine whether your modules integration is being used by views.


$setup_id: The ID of the setup to check (is this setup the lightest one?)

$table_name: The name of the table associated with this setup

Return value

TRUE is this is the lightest priority; FALSE otherwise

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2 calls to tripal_is_lightest_priority_setup()
1 string reference to 'tripal_is_lightest_priority_setup'


tripal_views/api/, line 533
API functions for Tripal Views Integration


function tripal_is_lightest_priority_setup($setup_id, $table_name) {

  $lightest_priority_setup_id = tripal_get_lightest_views_integration_setup($table_name);
  if ($lightest_priority_setup_id == $setup_id) {
    return TRUE;
  else {
    return FALSE;