function tripal_is_table_integrated

2.x tripal_is_table_integrated($table_name, $priority = NULL)

Check to see if this table already has an integration record with the given priority.


$table_name: The name of the table to check for integration

$priority (optional): The priority of record to check for

Return value

If the table is already integrated, the setup_id of the existing integration record is returned (If priority is not specified this will be the lightest record); Otherwise the table is not already integrated and FALSE is returned.

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1 string reference to 'tripal_is_table_integrated'


tripal_views/api/, line 498
API functions for Tripal Views Integration


function tripal_is_table_integrated($table_name, $priority = NULL) {

  if ($priority) {
    // D7 TODO: Check DBTNG changes work
    $sql = "SELECT setup_id FROM {tripal_views} WHERE table_name=:table AND priority=:priority";
    $setup = db_query($sql, array(':table' => $table_name, ':priority' => $priority));
    $setup = $setup->fetchObject();
  else {
    // D7 TODO: Check DBTNG changes work
    $sql = "SELECT setup_id FROM {tripal_views} WHERE table_name=:table ORDER BY priority ASC";
    $setup = db_query($sql, array(':table' => $table_name));
    $setup = $setup->fetchObject();
  if ($setup) {
    return $setup->setup_id;
  else {
    return FALSE;