function tripal_rebuild_views_integrations

2.x tripal_rebuild_views_integrations($delete_first = FALSE)

Rebuilds all the default integrations.

This essentially clears the cache in case you mess up the integrations in your site. This should not be used during module development since it really only rebuilds the integrations described by all enabled modules in the site and if $delete_first is TRUE it can delete custom integrations created by site administrators which will not make your module popular.


$delete_first: If TRUE then all integrations are first deleted.

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1 string reference to 'tripal_rebuild_views_integrations'


tripal_views/api/, line 559
API functions for Tripal Views Integration


function tripal_rebuild_views_integrations($delete_first = FALSE) {

  if ($delete_first) {


  // TODO: the function above should have a return value from which we can
  // determine if the message below is approprite.
  drupal_set_message('Successfully rebuilt default Tripal Views Integrations');