function tripal_remove_join_from_views_integration

2.x tripal_remove_join_from_views_integration($setup_id, $base_table, $base_field, $left_table, $left_field)

Remove a join from an integration. This is usually done after cloning an existing integration using tripal_clone_views_integration().


$setup_id: The setup_id of the integration to delete the join from

$base_table: The name of the base table involved the join

$base_field: The field from the base table involved in the join

$left_table: The name of the other table involved in the join

$left_field: The name of the field from the other table involved in the join

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1 call to tripal_remove_join_from_views_integration()
1 string reference to 'tripal_remove_join_from_views_integration'


tripal_views/api/, line 1279
API functions for Tripal Views Integration


function tripal_remove_join_from_views_integration($setup_id, $base_table, $base_field, $left_table, $left_field) {
  "DELETE FROM {tripal_views_join} WHERE setup_id=:setup AND base_table=:base-table AND base_field=:base-field AND left_table=:left-table AND left_field=:left-field", 
    ':setup' => $setup_id,
    ':base-table' => $base_table,
    ':base-field' => $base_field,
    ':left-table' => $left_table,
    ':left-field' => $left_field