function tripal_insert_cv

2.x tripal_insert_cv($name, $definition)

Adds a controlled vocabular to the CV table of Chado.


$name: The name of the controlled vocabulary. These are typically all lower case with no special characters other than an undrescore (for spaces).

$comment: A description or definition of the vocabulary.

Return value

An object populated with fields from the newly added database.

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1 string reference to 'tripal_insert_cv'


tripal_cv/api/, line 344
This module provides a set of functions to simplify working with controlled vocabularies.


function tripal_insert_cv($name, $definition) {

  // insert/update values
  $ins_values = array(
    'name' => $name,
    'definition' => $definition

  // see if the CV (default-namespace) exists already in the database
  $sel_values = array('name' => $name);
  $sel_options = array('statement_name' => 'sel_cv_na');
  $results = chado_select_record('cv', array('*'), $sel_values, $sel_options);

  // if it does not exists then add it
  if (count($results) == 0) {
    $ins_options = array('statement_name' => 'ins_cv_nade');
    $success = chado_insert_record('cv', $ins_values, $ins_options);
    if (!$success) {
      tripal_report_error('tripal_cv', TRIPAL_WARNING, "Failed to create the CV record", NULL);
      return FALSE;
    $results = chado_select_record('cv', array('*'), $sel_values, $sel_options);
  // if it already exists then do an update
  else {
    $upd_options = array('statement_name' => 'upd_cv_nade');
    $success = chado_update_record('cv', $sel_values, $ins_values, $upd_options);
    if (!$success) {
      tripal_report_error('tripal_cv', TRIPAL_WARNING, "Failed to update the CV record", NULL);
      return FALSE;
    $results = chado_select_record('cv', array('*'), $sel_values, $sel_options);

  // return the cv object
  return $results[0];